Quality Control

RCI is a ISO 9001:2015/ ISO 14001:2015 certified company. Quality control is built into every step of RCI’s production processes. At our production units, in-process quality inspection is an overall effort performed at each stage of production with documented control.From material receiving through final outgoing product, quality control is carefully monitored. Our process ensures that our customers get the best quality product and at the lowest price possible.

Quality Assurance Process

We are rigorously follow Stage wise inspection according to the Standard operating procedures laid down by our Quality assurance team. Starting from selection of raw material till the outgoing finished product, we strictly adhere to customer specifications to ensure that quality is monitored and maintained at every step.

Raw Material Inspection & Selection

For detailed raw material inspection & selection we have the most modern Quality assurance laboratory equipped with machines from renowned brands.

Process Quality Control(In process Inspection)

Process capability analysis is carried out for all major equipments by employing statistical process methods which are exercised at each and every process in addition to the regular monitoring systems like visual inspections, measurement of thickness, width, hardness in tolerances, percentage of coolant at rolling mills, percentage of acid in pickling lines. In addition to this, charts are maintained by comparing them to predesigned sheets issued by the planning department .

Final Inspection

Each product is subjected to various tests for verifying compliance with international standard as well as customer’s specific requirements. Test certificates are prepared and issued to the customers along with material.

Quality Control & Testing

To ensure reliability and consistency  of our products, we take the following steps :

  • Machine Inspection
    We have various high precision testing equipments from highly reputed brands at our production units. Our laboratory is equipped with following instruments to provide online readings to the customer :

    • Spectrometer of  spectromax Germany.
    • Metallurgical microscope with display by “Radical instruments”.
    • UTS instrument for foil testing of “MCS Automations”.
    • UTS instrument for thicker strips of Blue Star.
    • Hardness tester for strip of FIE.
    • Microhardness tester for foil of Blue Star.
    • Chemical laboratory for chemical analysis.
    • Conductivity meter technofour.
    • Resistivity meter of motwane.
  • Chemical Lab
    We have a well equipped chemical lab at our production unit for chemical quantitative analysis of copper based alloys.
  • Visual inspection
    We ensure continuous monitoring of the products and processes by our qualified technical engineers.
  • Verification of Measuring Instruments
    Our measuring instruments are periodically calibrated from NABL accredited testing agency.