Leaded Brass 60/40 [Cu/Zn]

We make available the best grade that is ideally used for the manufacture of radiator tube and tank, lock and key, and electrical contact applications.
Alloy Names (as per RoHS specifications)
DIN CEN/TS 13388 CW617N
UNS C28000
Chemical Composition Weight percentage
Copper [Cu] 58.5% to 61%
Lead [Pb] 0.8% to 2%
Zinc [Zn] 34.5% to 40%
  • Anti corrosive.
  • Enhanced mechanical strength .
  • Excellent hot forming properties and high machinability.
  • Used extensively in the production of more complex hot pressed components
Main Applications
Industrial : Locks, Metal Fittings, Keys, Hinges,bearing cages, Valve Bodies for Refrigeration, Forgings and Pressings of All Kinds.
Architecture : Decoration, Hardware,Door Frames, Large Architectural Trim,Large sheet., decorative Knobs, Furniture Hardware.
Consumer : Golf Putters, Valve Bodies for Scuba & Propane Spray Tanks, Valve Bodies for Agricultural Spray Tanks.
Electrical : Covers, Fuse Bodies.


Density 8.41 g/cm³
Thermal expansion coefficient - 191 .. 16 20.3 10-6/K
0 .. 300 °C 21 10-6/K
Specific Heat Capacity 0.375 J/(g.k)
Thermal Conductivity 117 W/(m.k)
Electrical Conductivity (1 MS/m = 1 m/(O mm²) iY 15 MS/m
Electrical Conductivity (IACS) 26 %
Thermal coefficient of electrical resistance (0 - 200°C) 1.7 10-3/K
Modulus of elasticity (1 Gpa = 1 kN/mm²) cold formed 99 .. 115 Gpa
102 GPa
Temper Tensile Strength Rm Mpa(N/mm2) Yield Strength Rp0.2 MPa(N/mm2) Elongation Minimum A50mm % Hardness HV
O (Soft) 275 Min - 35 Min 85 Max
HB (Half Hard) 420 Min - 15 Min 100 Min
HD (Hard) 490 Min - 5 Min 125 Min
HE (Extra Hard) 525 Min - 165 Min
Joining Technique Suitability
Soldering Excellent
Brazing Good
Oxyacetylene Welding Not Recommended
Gas Shielded Arc Welding Not Recommended
Coated metal Arc Welding Not Recommended
Spot Weld Not Recommended
Seam Weld Not Recommended
Bytt Weld Fair
Capacity for Being Cold Worked Poor
Capactity for Beiing Hot Formed Excellent

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