Company and its operating environment are mutually inclusive and their growth is parallel to each other. Therefore, we believe and support sustainable business practices and inclusive growth at RCI. Rajeev Gupta , MD
At RCI , sustainability is of paramount importance to us as we seek to create long term stakeholder value through the implementation of sustainable business strategies in variety of areas such as energy conservation, recycling, environment-friendly disposal of industrial wastes, safety practices, socio-economic development of the communities around the plant and empowerment of employees.

To ensure that sustainability standards are met , RCI systemically monitors all operations and processes at its production units. We are always seeking for new improvements in technology and energy consumption to reduce company’s carbon footprints. Through sustainable business practices we want to enrich our stakeholders and future generations with abundance of resources.

Our focus:

Conversation of Resources

Energy Conservation & Emission Reduction

Controlling Waste