DHP- Copper Deoxidised high residual phosphorus

Alloy Names (as per RoHS specifications)
DIN CEN/TS 13388 CW024A
UNS C12200
JIS C1220
Chemical Composition Weight percentage
Copper [Cu] 99.9 %
Phosphorus [P] 0.015% to 0.04%
  • Excellent welding and soldering properties.
  • Resistant to hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Possesing efficient thermal conductive properties & ease in formability.
Main Applications
Architecture : Downspouts, Gutters, Flashing, Roofing, Building Heater Units, Condenser Sheets.
Consumer: Air Conditioners, Refrigerators.
Electrical : Wire Connectors, Heater Elements ,Solar panels.
Industrial : Construction, Rotating Bands, Kettles, Anodes for Electroplating, Heat Exchanger Shells, Oil Coolers, Tanks,Casting Molds, Plating Anodes, Racks, Plating Hangers, pressure vessels, Rivets & nails.
Electrical Conductivity
The electrical conductivity depends on chemical composition, the lever of cold deformation and the grain size. A high level of deformation as well as a small grain size decrease the conductivity.
Corrosion Resistance
Cooper is resistant to: natural and industrial atmospheres as well as maritime air, drinking and service water (if the flow rate is not excessive),non oxidizing acids, alkaline solutions and neutral saline solutions.
Copper is not resistant to: Ammonia, halogenide, cyanide and hydrogen sulfide solution and atmospheres, oxidizing acids and sea water (especially at high flow rates).


Density 8.9 g/cm³
Thermal expansion coefficient - 191 - 16 °C 14.1 10‾⁶/K
20 - 300 °C 176 10‾⁶/K
Specific Heat Capacity 0.386 J/(g k)
Thermal Conductivity 330 W/(m k)
Electrical Conductivity (1 MS/m = 1 m/(Ω mm²) ≥ 47 MS/m
Electrical Conductivity 81 IACS %
Thermal coefficient of electrical resistance (0 - 300 °C) 3.4 10‾³/K
Modulus of elasticity (1 Gpa = kN/mm²) 132 Gpa
Temper Tensile Strength Rm Yield Strength Rp0.2 Minimum Elongation A50mm Minimum Hardness HV**
Mpa Mpa % HV
R220 220 .. 260 < 140* 33 40 .. 65
R240 240 .. 300 180 8 65 .. 95
R290 290 .. 360 250 4 90 .. 110
R360 ≥ 360 320 2 ≥ 110
* only information. ** only for reference.
Cold Formability Excellent
Hot Formability Excellent
Soldering Excellent
Brazing Excellent
Oxyacetylene Welding Good
Gas Shielded Arc Welding Excellent
Resistance Welding Not Recommended
Machinability Not Recommended

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