Alloy Names (as per RoHS specifications)
UNS S31000
Chemical Composition Weight percentage
Chromium [Cr] 24-26%
Phosphorus [P] 0.045% Max.
Nickel [Ni] 19-22 %
Managnese [Mn] 2%
Silicon [Si] 1.5% Max.
Carbon [C] 0.25% max.
  • High chromium & moderate nickel is resistant to sulfidation.
  • Excellent high temperature properties with good ductility and weldability.
  • Developed for use in high temperature corrosion resistant applications.
  • Oxidation resistance to 2000°F.
  • Moderate strength at high temperature.
  • Resistance to hot corrosion.
  • Strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures.
Main Applications
Cryogenic Components 
Food Processing 
Furnaces : burners, doors, fans, piping and recuperators
Fluidized Bed Furnaces :coal combustors, grids, piping, wind boxes.
Ore Processing/Steel Plants: smelter and steel melting equipment, continuous casting equipment.
Petroleum Refining: catalytic recovery systems, flares, recuperators, tube hangers.
Power Generation: coal gasifier internals, pulverized coal burners, tube hangers.
Sintering/Cement Plants: burners, burner shields, feeding and discharging systems, wind boxes.
Thermal Processing: annealing covers and boxes, burner grids, doors, fans, muffles and retorts, recuperators, walking beams.


Yield Strength 0.2% Offset Ultimate Tensile Strength Elongation in 2 in. Hardness
psi (min.) (Mpa) psi (min.) (Mpa) % (Miin.) (Max.)
35,000 245 80,000 550 45 217 Brinell
Density Thermal Conductivity 212°F (100°C)
0.285 Ibs/in³ 8.0 BTU/hr/ft²/ft/°F
7.89 g/cm³ 10.8 W/m-°K
Specific Heat Melting Range
0.12 BTU/Ib-°F (32 - 212°F) 2470 - 2555°F
502 J/kg-°K (0 - 100°C) 1354 - 1402°C
Modulus of Elasticity Electrical Resistivity
28.5 x 10⁶ psi 30.7 Microhm-in at 68°C
196 Gpa 78.0 Microhm-cm at 20°C

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