Alloy Names
UNS 8079
PTP foil, cold-forming foil, Aluminium-Aluminium foil-Blister packages(double side for Pharmaceuticals products such as capsules, tablets, pill,  small-size food, candy etc
  • Flexible and uniique metal that can be brazed, welded, riverted, or resin bonded.
  • Requires no protective coating for most applications, as it is already corrosion resistant.
  • The metal is often anodized to enhance color and strength.
  • Provide very strong barrier to UV rays, Moisture & Gases. These foils are especially suitable for the drugs that are easily affected by humidity as each medicine blister unit provides adequate protection which remains intact even when other units in the pack are opened and consumed.


Element Content (%)
Aluminum (Al) ≤ 98.1 %
Iron - (Fe) 0.70 - 1.3 %
Silicon-(Si) 0.050 - 0.30 %
Copper- (Cu) ≤ 0.050 %
Zinc- (Zn) ≤ 0.10 %
Other (Each) ≤ 0.050 %
Other (Total) ≤ 0.15 %
Properties Metric Imperial
Density 2.72 g/cm³ 0.0983 IB/in³

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